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October 06, 2020

2020 Presidential Election Speaker Series

This resource provides an introduction to the 2020 Phillips Andover Presidential Election Speaker Series
by Derek Curtis

The 2020 Phillips Academy Presidential Election Speaker Series provides the Andover community the opportunity to hear from five important public intellectuals about historical and contemporary aspects to the project of American democracy. This resource is intended to give readers the chance to familiarize themselves with the work of the scheduled speakers.

Rhiana Gunn-Wright, one of the main architects of the Green New Deal, will talk about Race, Covid-19, Climate, and the Green New Deal. Historian Michael Beschloss ’73 will talk about the history of U.S. Presidential Elections. Historian Robert Greene II will deliver a talk on Black voters and the realignment of American politics. Public intellectual Ramesh Ponnuru will talk about contemporary conservative politics. Community organizer George Goehl will talk about the importance of participatory democracy.

Emails with sign-ups for these events will be sent to the Phillips Andover community.

October 9: Rhiana Gunn-Wright / Race, Covid-19, Climate, and the Green New Deal

October 16: Michael Beschloss ’73 / The 2020 Election and the Fate of Democracy

October 23: Robert Greene II / Black Voters and the Realignment of American Politics

October 28: Ramesh Ponnuru / Contemporary Conservative Politics

November 2: George Goehl / Participatory Democracy and Lessons from "Deep Canvassing"

Rhiana Gunn-Wright | October 9 at 7 p.m.

This talk is funded by the John H. Hosch III Memorial Fund

Link for Archived Video of M. Gunn-Wright's Talk


How Covid-19 Made It Easier to Talk about Climate Change - New York Times

Think This Pandemic is Bad? We Have Another Crisis Coming - New York Times

Want to Fix the Climate Crisis? Start Listening to Black People - Bloomberg News

Green New Deal Architect explains how Protests and the Climate Crisis are Related - MIT Technology Review

She, The People: Meet Rhiana Gunn-Wright - Essence

The Greatest Mobilization since WW2 - Democracy Journal


What Will the Green New Deal Cost, and What Can Save It? - Aspen Institute Talk

The Green New Deal, Explained - Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Interview with Rhiana Gunn-Wright about the GND - CBS News

Rhiana Gunn-Wright on Fighting for the GND - Bloomberg

Rhiana Gunn-Wright discusses the GND - Democracy Now!

Our Climate Crisis | Science & Society with Rhiana Gunn-Wright - Pioneer Works


How to Plug Into the Green New Deal - Inflection Point

Interview on Pod Save America - Crooked Media

The Green New Deal - Columbia / Center on Global Energy Policy

Rhiana Gunn-Wright on the Insurgent Left - Current Affairs Podcast

Why We Need to Talk about Environmental Racism - Goop

Michael Beschloss ’73 | October 16 at 7 p.m.

Link for Archived Video of Mr. Beschloss's Talk


HistorySource (archived columns) - New York Times

Articles in American Heritage - American Heritage

What Trump Can Learn from Real Wartime Presidents - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Beschloss Interview on President Trump - Vox

Does History Mean Anything? - The GailFosler Group


Appearances on PBS NewsHour

Appearances on Charlie Rose

Beschloss discussing his book Presidents of War - National Constitution Center

Beschloss discussing his book Presidents of War - Library of Congress | 2019 National Book Fair

Beschloss Interview - C-Span | In Depth

Beschloss Interview - The Daily Show


A Conversation with Michael Beschloss - White House Historical Association

Appearances on WNYC

Appearances on Fresh Air

How to Assess a Presidency - Cafe

Dr. Robert Greene II | October 23 at 7 p.m.

Link for Archived Video of Dr. Greene's Talk


Society of U.S. Intellectual History Blog

The Urgency of a Third Reconstruction - Dissent

Other Essays published in Dissent

Julian Bond’s Life in Politics and Protest - The Nation

Other Essays published in The Nation

Rest in Power, John Lewis - Jacobin

Other Essays published in Jacobin

Black Women Leaders, Then and Now - Public Books

Set the Country to Stamping - Oxford American

Essays published in Contingent Magazine


The Political Legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois - Jacobin

Reconstruction and Democracy in the South (starts at 16 minute mark) - Metro DC DSA


What’s the Role of the Historian in 2019? - The Rogue Historian

On Becoming Historians - New Books Network 2020

A Usable History of Reconstruction - Contingent Magazine

Ramesh Ponnuru | October 28 at 7 p.m.

Join the Zoom webinar | Passcode: 398581


There is Such a Thing as Too Far Left - New York Times

Subprime Reasoning on Housing - New York Times

Can the G.O.P. be the Party of Ideas? - New York Times

Interview with Ponnuru - Brown Political Review


Work-Family Policy in Trump’s America - American Enterprise Institute

Character in Politics - The Brooks Family Lecture Series at Dartmouth University

The End of Socialism? - Georgia Public Policy Foundation


Conservatism, the Republican Party, and Donald Trump - Aspen Institute

Ramesh Ponnuru on Trump and Biden - Matt Lewis Podast

George Goehl / November 2 ASM at 10:15 a.m.


George Goehl Bio - People’s Action

Personal Website

Coronavirus is Dress Rehearsal for Climate Change - The Nation

Other Essay in The Nation

Essays in The Guardian

Essays in Common Dreams

Essays in Medium


So You Want to Start a Movement? - University of Chicago Institute of Politics

On People Power - Bill Moyers

The Promise of a Progressive Populist Movement - People’s Action


People’s Action Podcast

Organizing in Trump Country - Why is This Happening? with Chris Hayes

Fighting for Community over Greed - The Great Battlefield

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