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March 27, 2021

Anti-Asian American Pacific Islander Racism Resource

A list of readings, podcasts, videos, & websites to help understand & act against anti-Asian racism in American society.
by Sharon Pei & Derek Curtis

The Oliver Wendell Holmes Library stands in solidarity with and condemns the violence against Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and people of Asian ancestry in America. This is a list of Anti-Asian racism websites, essays, videos, and podcasts to help members of the Andover community think through and act against the current wave of anti-Asian violence in America.


Asian-Americans talk about Racism, We Listen: Part 1 - New York Times Podcast

Asian-Americans talk about Racism, We Listen: Part 2 - New York Times Podcast

Hate Goes Viral (1/3) - Self-Evident: Asian-America’s Stories Podcast

Here Comes the Neighbourhood (2/3) - Self-Evident: Asian-America’s Stories Podcast

We Hear You (3/3) - Self-Evident: Asian-America’s Stories Podcast

A Murderous Rampage in Georgia - The Daily Podcast

How to Start a Conversation about Anti-Asian Racism with Your Family - CodeSwitch

How Asian American Leaders say the Biden Administration can address Hate - NPR


American Racism in the Time of Plagues - Boston Review

Speaking Up Against Racism Around the Coronavirus - Learning For Justice

Asian-American Women shaken by Atlanta-area Killings - Boston Globe

Why This Wave of Anti-Asian Racism Feels Different - The Atlantic

What This Wave of Anti-Asian Violence Reveals about America - New York Times

How Hollywood is Complicit in the Violence Against Asians in America - Variety

Anti-Asian Violence is on the Rise. Here are Some ways you can help Asian Americans - Vox

Why Asian American Racism is Rampant during the Coronavirus - Penn Today

Asian-Americans are being attacked. Why are Hate Crime Charges so Rare? - New York Times

America’s Anti-Chinese Bigotry has a very old Stench - Zocalo

Asian American Feminist Antibodies

‘Black and Asian unity’: attacks on elders spark reckoning with racism’s roots - The Guardian

‘Words Matter” as Asian American leaders urge action against Hate Crimes - PBS

Anti-Asian discrimination and the Asian-white mental health gap during Covid-19 - Ethnic and Racial Studies

Anti-Asian Hate Crimes during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Exploring the Reproduction of Inequality - American Journal of Criminal Justice

Anti-Asian Violence in American is rooted in US Empire - The Nation

In Times of Crisis, anti-Asian violence is an American Tradition - Berkeley News


I Am Not Your Asian Stereotype - TedxBoise

Asian Americans - PBS Documentary Series

Not Your Model Minority - TedxAustin

The Chinese in America - University of California TV

Historian Erika Lee and Activist Helen Zia on rise of anti-Asian violence - Washington Post

Rise in Anti-Asian Violence with actors Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu - Washington Post

Xenophobia in America: How We got here and What’s at Stake - TedxMinneapolis

Jeremy Lin Speaks on Rise of Racism against AAPI Communities


Stop AAPI Hate

A Different Asian American Timeline

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Asian Americans Advancing Justice: Resources to Stand Against Racism

Other Resources via the Andover community

Asian Mental Health Collective:

South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network:

Asian Mental Health Project:

Project Lotus:

Asian Counseling and Referral Service:

APISAA Therapist Directory:

Asians Do Therapy:

Anti-Asian Violence Resources:

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