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OWHLternative Publications Collection

OWHLternative Publications Section

What is it?

The OWHLternative Publications Collection is an effort to preserve and make accessible alternative forms of publication from the PA Community. These include zines, cartonera, and other subversive and non-traditional publications. When the publishing industry gatekeeps our narratives, they do harm to traditionally excluded groups and individuals. Alternative publications are a way to make sure marginalized and non-traditional voices are uplifted and heard.

Where is it?

The OWHLternative Publications Collection lives on the second floor of the library, outside the Seminar Room.

Can I contribute?

We are currently accepting donations of zines, cartonera, and other alternative publications from the PA Community. While these can and should reflect lived experiences and interests, we will not display materials that promote hate or injustice toward individuals, groups or communities.


Download the form here.

For more information, contact M. Wallis at [email protected], or ask at the Library Desk for a donation form.

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