Anthony Kim: Lightweight Hand Prosthetic

Wearable robot for the hand

Hand paralysis limits the ability to perform everyday tasks, hindering the individual's ability to live independently. In response, many research groups and companies have developed prostheses and assistive technologies to alleviate such discomforts, but these attempts have not been fully successful in bringing back hand functionality. Some individuals turn to caregivers who aid the individuals with their daily tasks, but having a caregiver still fails to meet the desire for independence.

My project, a soft wearable robot for the hand, enables those with hand paralysis to independently grasp various objects and perform everyday tasks. The soft wearable robot will be tendon-driven by an actuator, and its controls will be assisted with machine learning, allowing for optimal assistance to the user. Design features will include adjustable straps to fit various hand sizes and an easily washable body. My project team in Eve Tech and I hope this assistive technology will help people with hand paralysis live a more independent life, and our final goal is to distribute our project to people with hand paralysis.

Watch the Project's Final Video here.

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