Catherine Cho: 3D Instruments

You deserve it.

I hope to create instruments using resources from the Nest and donate them to the graduating students of the ALS (Andover Lawrence Strings) program. To facilitate this process, I have formed a club, MIT (Music in Technology), aiming more generally to increase accessibility to instruments by working with Phillips Academy’s recourses and other schools.

ALS is a community engagement program at Phillips Academy where student volunteers offer instrumental lessons to elementary school students from Lawrence. The graduating 8th graders, however, have to return their instruments back to Phillips Academy at the end of the year, leaving them with little chance to play again. Despite having played the violin for 13 years, it was only two years ago that I realized the true power of music as it helped me overcome many hardships. Ever since, I wanted to share the feeling of comfort this realization gave me with everyone else. I feel fortunate to be able to achieve a part of my goal by providing these 8th graders with a chance to experience this feeling, which I know will help them through adversities in their futures.

It was when I experimented to 3D print a full sized violin that an idea spurred inside of me, merging the concepts of technology and music together while also addressing the issue with the ALS program mentioned earlier. The feasibility and cost efficiency of making an instrument struck me with excitement to go beyond and take full advantage of the resources abundantly provided at Phillips Academy. With this gracious grant from the Nest Lab, I am eager to explore and discover many more ways to help others through the immense power of music.

Watch the Project's Final Video here.

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