Erik Wang: Above Anvil Cirrus Plume

Predicting severe weather before it even happens

I will be analyzing thermodynamic gravity breaking wave signatures of the Above Anvil Cirrus Plume (AACP), which is a wake of ice and water vapor located downstream of overshooting tops in deep convective storms, primary above the anvil shield in strong supercells. AACP's have been shown to coincide with gravity-breaking waves and may be a crucial type of cloud formation that precedes damaging mesoscale storms at the surface. Furthermore, plume signatures also represent the convective transport of water vapor into the lower stratosphere, which has large climate implications due to the fact that water vapor is a powerful greenhouse gas and reacts with surrounding gases in the stratosphere to deplete ozone.

Through a numerical model, simulations of a severe supercell are generated to study the dynamics responsible for forming the AACP while satellite and radar data are analyzed to identify and understand the elements that create AACP's.

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