Laura Lee: Swarm Cancer Response

Nanobots: the new paradigm of medical treatment

While many groups studying these “swarm robots” are interested in their potential military applications, we are interested in their implementation in health care. Through our project, we hope to determine whether nanobots can detect and react to certain biological markers in the human body and become feasible modes of treatment for tumorigenic diseases by detecting and reacting to certain biological markers in the human body. However, we also want to add that, depending on the availability of resources and the feasibility of our project, our disease of interest may vary, but our focus remains the same.

Our project can be divided into two main parts: creating a scaled prototype and modeling a computer simulation. We will be constructing a scaled model of what we expect our nanobot to look like and observe its reaction under an appropriately simulated excretion of a biological marker that can be found in the human body. We will also create a computer simulation to observe mass swarm movement under a realistic virtual environment and assess “swarm intelligence”—our nanobots’ effectiveness.

Other Swarm Cancer Response Lab Team Members: Kaitlin Lim

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