Summer Session Hours

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The Maker Code of Conduct

OWHL Makerspace Community Expectations

The OWHL Makerspace is an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone in the PA community to build, make, and grow their ideas, we ask all participants to review and follow the guidelines below.

The OWHL Makerspace is a shared community space. Therefore, it is the expectation that all Makerspace users respectfully use the tools, equipment, materials, and space.

  • All equipment, tools, and materials in the Makerspace are the property of the Makerspace and must be used appropriately for classroom or project use.
    • Please be mindful not to waste or misuse the Makerspace’s resources. Always consult a Makerspace Coordinator if you are in doubt about the proper use of materials and equipment.
  • Tools, materials, and/or equipment cannot leave the Makerspace without the permission of the Makerspace Coordinators.
  • Students are not permitted to use the woodshop equipment or space without a Makerspace Coordinator.
    • Eyewear and ear protection is always required when using the woodshop.
    • Any project stored in the Makerspace must be identified with a name, email, and date. Any unidentified project will have a 10-day grace period after which it will be dismantled or recycled/discarded.

It is the responsibility and obligation of all individuals to care for, maintain cleanliness of, and to leave all tools, equipment, furniture, space, and materials in the condition that they found it.

  • Whether users are in a class, working on a project, or are meeting with peers, everyone in the Makerspace must clean up after themselves. This includes but is not limited to returning all Makerspace materials to their rightful spot, recycling or throwing away non-reusable materials, cleaning and wiping tables when projects are completed, pushing in chairs, cleaning any spills, etc.

All users of the Makerspace must also abide by the rules of the OWHL, including:

  • Music is not allowed in the OWHL without earbuds.
    • Any exceptions to this rule must be discussed with an OWHL team member, i.e., a Makerspace Coordinator, a librarian, a proctor, or a teacher for a class.
    • Snacks are permitted, but no meals. All students must pick up after themselves if they have a snack.
      • No food or drinks are permitted next to any machinery in the Makerspace.
    • Drinks with lids are permitted.

All users of the OWHL Makerspace are expected to follow the Core Blue Book. You can find it on PA Net under the quicklinks.

Reservations for classes, clubs, events, and meetings in the OWHL Makerspace should be made 2-3 weeks in advance and depend on availability. Please speak with an OWHL Makerspace Coordinator for any questions regarding bookings.