Expectations & Policies

The OWHL is designed to be a safe, pleasant, and academic environment for all.

What Students Can Expect From the OWHL:
  • A place with professional, courteous, and knowledgeable staff
  • A place to work by yourself or with a group
  • A place to find answers to research questions

What the OWHL Expects From Students:
  • Respect towards the staff, building, materials, and the environment
  • Respect towards your fellow students and their academic endeavors

Library Policies
  • The Garver Room is the Silent Study area
    • No talking at any time
    • No group work
  • All other OWHL spaces are for Quiet Study
    • Quiet conversation is allowed
    • Extended conversations and loud talking should be taken outside
  • Only snack foods and drinks with a lid are permitted
    • No hot or greasy foods or plates from Paresky Commons
    • Dispose of trash, recyclables, and uneaten food properly
  • Noise Restrictions
    • Headphones are required to listen to music, audio, and video
    • Cell phone use is limited to the Front Lobby
  • No running and no wheels
    • No scooters, skateboards, bicycles, or skates allowed indoors
  • Furniture must not be misused
    • Rolling chairs are not for racing
    • Tables and stairways are not for sitting
  • Please be prepared to present your ID upon request by library staff
  • Librarians and Proctors determine appropriate library behavior

core values

We are a learning 


that respects and welcomes all members of campus

We provide 


to information and the tools for empowerment

We uphold the principles of  

intellectual freedom

and resist all efforts to censor library resources

We seek out 

new ways

to do things better and do better things